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Suggested Canapé & Dessert Menu


Smoked Salmon Blinis. Bite size pancakes topped with soft cream cheese, decorated with sliced smoked salmon.

Salmon, Rocket & Parmesan Pastry Bites Individual puff pastry bites with a delicious salmon, rocket and parmesan topping.

Mini Savoury Filo Pastry Canapés Buttered scallops and parsley parcels, mozzarella tomato and basil parcels.

Mini Chicken Fajitas Tangy tomato salsa & minced chilli chicken, wrapped in mini flour tortillas.

Shrimp in a Rösti Potato Shell A shrimp wrapped in a rösti potato shell.

Mini Steak, Stilton & Whisky Rosti Mini baked rosti bites, topped with a stilton and whisky sauce, finished with a medallion of British beef.

Mini Yorkshire Pudding Selection Light golden, mini Yorkshire puddings, filled with roast beef & horseradish crème fraiche and chicken & redcurrant jelly.

Le Plateau de 48 Canapés - Selection A contemporary selection of 8 different canapés. 6 creamy vegetables & curried shrimp on tomato bread, 6 spicy lemon cream & smoked salmon on mini blinis, 6 cheese & broccoli on multigrain bread with tomatoes, 6 coconut & spinach cream on spicy bread, 6 guacamole & spicy marinated shrimp on whole-wheat bread, 6 tomatoes, feta & basil blinis, 6 crab & lemon confit on rye bread, 6 wasabi cream & vanilla marinated scallop on spinach bread.

Mini Wrap Selection Tomato, spinach and plain mini wraps filled with tuna provencale, spinach & red pepper (V), hoisin duck, coronation chicken and roast pepper mousse (V).

Crolines Cheese and Ham, creamy mushroom and salmon all in a light puff pastry.

Mini Chicken Steak Ale Pies Succulent beef in a rich ale sauce baked in a tender short crust pastry pie.

Mini Teriyaki Chicken Skewers Tender skewers of sticky teriyaki marinated chicken.

Classic Canapé Selection Individual crostini canapés in 3 varieties: Brussels pate & cranberry, avocado & prawn and pepper salsa & goats cheese (V).


Chocolate Petit Fours Hand finished chocolate based petit fours, iced chocolate tart, chocolate caramel, truffle cone, chocolate mini cup, chocolate gateau square, chocolate cream éclair and chocolate whisky truffle.

Mini Assorted Fruit Tartlets Mini tarts filled with crème patisserie and decorated with a whole strawberry, a whole raspberry or mixed berries finished with a fruit glaze.

Assorted Petit Fours Visually stunning selection of handmade French petit fours with, coffee arabicas, macaroon squares, blood orange hexagons, raspberry & coconut squares, chocolate and rasberry tartlets and many more.

Mini Macaroon Selection 72 macaroons made from two almond shells with a soft centred filling; 12 vanilla, 12 chocolate, 12 coffee, 12 lemon, 12 raspberry and 12 orange.

Patisserie Selection Mini selection of chocolate éclairs, coffee éclairs, chocolate and rasberry tartlets & raspberry tartlets, morello cherry tartlets, vanilla choux and hazelnut choux.

Mini Sultana Scone Mini scones made to a traditional recipe using butter, milk, juicy sultanas and filled with strawberry Jam & whipped cream.

Price Guide

Canapés (4 savouries 1 dessert) from £6.95 per head ex vat
Canapés (3 savouries 2 dessert) from £6.55 per head ex vat
Canapés (5 savouries 1 dessert) from £7.95 per head ex vat


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